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Latest Education News from Mauritius

Man Charged After White Nationalist Rally in ..

  • Posted On: 13-Aug-2017

Protests of a plan to remove a statue of a Confederate general led to clashes that left at least one person dead and 34 others injured, officials said. View More...

Education Life: Behind Berkeley’s Semester of..

  • Posted On: 16-Aug-2017

When far left meets far right, sparks fly. Students from both sides discuss their political journeys. View More...

Seeing Hope for Flagging Economy, West Virgin..

  • Posted On: 10-Aug-2017

Nearly two in five high school students now take vocational classes, including simulated workplaces designed to prepare them for good-paying jobs. View More...

Ole Miss Edges Out of Its Confederate Shadow,..

  • Posted On: 09-Aug-2017

At Ole Miss, where even an architect of disenfranchisement still has his name on a building, the process of addressing the past is more sensitive than at most universities. View More...

Affirmative Action Policies Evolve, Achieving..

  • Posted On: 05-Aug-2017

The practice in college admissions has evolved from race-based quotas of decades ago into a range of approaches that only occasionally produce the desired results. View More...

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